Meeting Reports

We invite all who attend a Norwich Raspberry Pi User and Developer Group meetup to write up their thoughts and post it. Please either email us a report so that we can paste it below, or link us to the place you’ve written it so that we can link to you below.

March 9th 2013 Meeting Reports

Frank wrote a piece here, and an additional follow up here.

December 8th 2012 Meeting Reports

Pictures from the second meetup have been uploaded to imgur.


Quick2Wire kindly wrote about the meetup at their blog. See here.


Gadgetoid wrote a nice piece at his Raspberry Pi driven blog. Click here.


Our second meeting started off a little slow, but picked up pace as the day went on, resulting in a turnout of approx 20 people including a large number of new faces and Romilly from Quick2Wire who travelled from London to demonstrate their upcoming addon boards.

Romilly’s demonstration was a great success and while my knowledge of electronics is somewhat limited, I learned quite a bit about the GPIO interface. His demo demonstrated how an analogue input such as a light dependent resistor could be used with his I2C analogue board to display light levels on a blinken-bar.

As a thank you to The MagPi for listing us in their December issue at the last minute, I made sure to help them in their Kickstarter effort by bringing along my hard copy of issue 6 and some laminated flyers. I believe they went down quite well with attendees and hopefully resulted in some more pledges.

Gadgetoid demonstrated a very cool piece of gear for Megadrive and SNES fans, The Retrode. It’s a device that presents inserted cartridges as mass storage devices with a ROM file. With this, we discussed the possibility of hooking it up to the Pi and using some symlink foo, we could have the EmulationStation software look at a directory for the cartridge’s ROM file. You could even hook up genuine Megadrive and SNES controllers and use them in the emulators. Such a cool piece of kit… I want one!

Chris from ALUG visited to help get his series of SD cards working with his Pi. He left with fully tested builds of Raspbian and RISC OS. We like solving problems :-)

We took many more photos this time round to document the happenings and to aid those who couldn’t make it to the event. Thanks to Viperfang and sn0wlink for their excellent photography skills. I’ve uploaded the best of the set to imgur, see the link above.

August 25th 2012 Meeting Reports

Pictures from the first event have been uploaded to imgur.


Please click here to visit Gadgetoid’s blog on the first meeting.


The first Norwich Raspberry Pi User and Developer Group meeting took place two weeks ago and I think we averaged around 16 people. Much fun and discussion was had all round and I made a handful of new friends who will likely start investigating the other groups in the area too. I will soon meet with House again to discuss the next meeting and announce a date via the website and Twitter feeds.

I think we were right to go the independant route and call it a user and developer group. The meeting attracted a healthy spread of people interested topics such as media centres, data and mashups, electronics and hardware hacking, gaming and “bare metal” programming.

The display we set up at the front of the shop worked out very well for us. We didn’t use it so much for development whilst there, but it attracted the attention of passers by who expressed interest in the group. The setup gave Viperfang and Gadgetoid an opportunity to figure out how to get a 3G tether working for the purpose of downloading and compiling the Quake 3 source. Much fun!

Thanks to everyone who made it out, and I hope to see you all again in a few months time.